At Salt and Stream we want to provide our customers with an excellent purchasing experience and ensure you are getting a quality product you can trust. We do have several policies that cover all of our merchandise which are outlined below. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have also had to implement additional policies for our headwear and apparel. 

1) Any headwear and/or Gaiters are non-returnable due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

2) Any 3rd party item we sell will be warrantied by the manufacturer of that product. We will assist customer with warranty repair or replacement if necessary, and if the manufacturer deems the item is defective. 

3) Any Salt and Stream apparel item will be given a general warranty of defects for 30 days, if item is reported defective after 30 days, we will no longer be responsible for this item. We will offer a free replacement of this item should we deem this item was not tampered with and was a defective product 

All policies mentioned above are deemed fair and accurate, and can be modified at the discretion of Salt and Stream at any time.